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PlasmaLift is a cutting-edge treatment that is commonly referred to as "soft surgery." The only cosmetic surgery that uses a voltaic arc created from atmospheric ionization gases to create a superficial controlled carbonization on the skin to retract the tissues. Tissue retraction and tightness yield results similar to those acquired by invasive surgery. 

There is no need for surgery or injectables with PlasmaLift to get tighter and firmer skin and a more youthful appearance. PlasmaLift skin tightening is well-known for its efficacy in non-surgical eye lifts, skin tag removal, tummy tightening, stretch marks, and other skin tightening procedures.



You will notice significate improvement following the treatments and the best result will be seen between 4 to 6 weeks as the skin rejuvenate. Depending on the desired outcome of the client, the procedure can be repeated 2-3 times after 6 weeks.


Because the treatment will not stop the client from aging, we cannot guarantee a permanent result; we can however promise an amazing lasting result. It is important to know that certain factors may have an affect on the treatment permanently such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and prolong sun exposure. Genetic and ethnicity may also affect on the result. 

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